Do DIY Tips work at Commercial Level?

This question is asked by the majority of the business persons who believe that DIYs are good for residential places only. Well, the perception is wrong that DIY tips work for residential windows only because if the suggestions are followed in an exact way, business persons can also get the benefit of it. Although there are multiple types of windows however still the DIY tips work for all but only if you choose the right method. Homemade things work well without leaving the side effects. So let us take you a trip to easy DIY methods for commercial window cleaning in Maldon that not only prove good for cleaning but sustain shine too.

Lemon works for all Types!

Lemon is good to use for cleaning the windows of commercial and residential places but make sure to use adequate quantity of lemon. For a normal sized window, juice of 3 to 4 lemons is good to add in a small bucket but if the window is of large size, the number of lemons will be increased respectively. Meanwhile, adding two to three tablespoons of salt in the liquid also works great. You can guide the cleaning staff of the company to remove stains from the window by using lemon.

Soapy Water!

Soap removes dirt and everyone is aware of it. So why don’t use it to remove stains from the windows? Isn’t it easy? Yes, it is an absolutely effortless tip to follow so just add detergent or dishwashing soap to water to apply over the window. The best approach is to get a soft punch for the application of liquid over the window as in this case, the liquid won’t be wasted.

Vinegar is good to remove Stains!

Tired of stubborn stains? Don’t take them over your head because vinegar can easily remove the clingy stains from the glass so you can surely use it for effortless commercial window cleaning in Maldon. However, if you add a small quantity of water, the harsh effects can be avoided.

Cloth with Soft Fabric!

Do you think that brush is good to use for removing stains from the glass? Well, it doesn’t and that is why it should be avoided for protecting the windows from scratches. Soft cloth works great and you can use it as per the need. In short, all these DIYs work for all types of windows.