How to maintain your lawn in winter?

lawn maintenance

Winters are approaching us, and it is may be tough for everybody to maintain the lawn. It’s significant to start thinking for lawn maintenance. Have you done the preparations? In this blog, we are going to let you know some essential tips for lawn maintenance. All you need to do is to take out a few minutes from your busy routine and follow these steps. Patio cleaners in Surrey are doing a great job if you already know about their services like me. I am going to jot it down some useful tips that will make your job easier in winters.

Sow seeds before winters

If you saw any bare patches in your lawn, then it’s essential to use that place. What about sowing new seeds? By planting new seeds and nurturing then it will get ready before winters. Make sure you people are keeping pets away from the lawn as much as you can with the growth of new grass.

Adding leaf mulch to lawn

We all know leaf mulch is quite useful and it gives protection to soil from the frosty season. It also provides nutrients by the end of autumn. I would suggest you don’t leave dead leaves on the lawn because it will get freeze throughout the winter. Set all the leaves aside by making leaf mold.

Feed iron sulfate to lawn

In autumn season, feed iron sulfate to the lawn that keeps the grass lush, and it helps the garden to deal with winter diseases. Apply iron sulfate because when it rains, then it will get down into your soil. It doesn’t matter if it rains or not we can still apply iron sulfate.

Mowing regularly

Lawn mowing shouldn’t be ignored because you will see lawn growing slowly. Long tips of grass won’t let the sunlight and air to the soil. Lawn diseases will grow so cut the grass to some extent keep this thing in mind doesn’t cut this too short. If it is too much more concise than two inches then no water nutrients and water to stay alive in the soil.

These are some valuable tips that we need to keep in our mind for winter lawn maintenance. Get the professional cleaners who would look into your garden on different schedules either weekly or monthly. They would do this job within an hour. Get your patio cleaned today before cold season to avoid all the winter hassle.